Control of the lifting operation for the installation of 4 number columns, rotundas and passenger boarding bridges.

We selected the cranes, lifting positions, rams and supplied an appointed person and slinger signaller.


There were a total of 8 artics to be offloaded on each stand.

Each installation started with the column being installed and levelled, followed by the rotunda which is placed on top and bolted together.

An appointed person was required on site for the tandem lift, here a 100-ton and 130-ton crane offer the PBB to the pre-installed rotunda.

We used 50mm round stainless-steel pins to secure the PBB to the rotunda, which allowed the PBB to be raised on its elevating system.

Once the pins were in the PBB was extended, the 100-ton crane was released and then the 2 elevating legs were placed onto the bridge


The PBB was then moved away on the 130-ton crane, the wheels placed underneath and the PBB moved back to allow the wheels to be fitted.

Once the wheels were on the PBB, it was ready for wiring.