Remove one old HBS machine and replace it with a newer model. Due to very low ground pressures (4kn per square metre), the whole route was decked in ply and a special 40 wheel low height skate system was used.

2 gantries and temporary steel were also required to position the new machine.

The new crated HBS machine was offloaded from our transport with an 8-ton forklift.

Lane closure and exclusion was set up to allow space to rig the mobile crane.

Due to the 4k/n ground pressures, we had a special 40 wheel skate made to spread the weight of the 4.2-ton scanner.

Lifting beams underneath and modular beams on the top were used to complete the lift of the new machine.

25mm ply was placed down for protection. Whilst moving the scanner there was only a 25mm space between the doorway and scanner hence the use of the specialised skating system


A double gantry was used to raise the machine, remove the skate and place the runway steels under the scanner to allow it to be placed onto its plinth.

With the temporary steels in place, the scanner is lowered with machines skates placed in the channels. Once on the plinth, the gantries were used once more to raise the scanner and remove the steels.

A smaller feed was placed on last of all before all equipment was removed.