IAG CARGO 2018 - 2019


Using lorry loader, 8-ton industrial forklift for collection and delivery of steelwork and roller beds on trailers.

For this project, we were required to install a complete cargo unit.

Starting with both coldcell roller beds and coldcell wall panels. The 8-metre roller beds were offloaded and installed.

6-ton ETV sections were offloaded with an 8-ton forklift and placed in storage until works resumed later.

When building the ETV’s the fly jib was used for lighter loads, alongside the lorry loader for heavier loads.

A-frames and top beams were then welded to the ETV’s and access platforms were added to complete the ETVs.

Scissor lifts and pump sets were installed into the pits in the next phase.


Our operator used remote control to ensure the right positioning was used for optimal results.